3 Charity Schools in Lahore

We at PCA put a particular emphasis on education. PCA operates three elementary schools with a mission to educate underprivileged students and orphans. These schools consist of exceptional teachers dedicated to fostering more than a thousand young minds. Through these steps, PCA is making a significant impact in providing quality education and opportunities for a brighter future to those who need it the most.


The Lyceate School

The Lyceate School is the emotions and the stories of many kids and is the outcome of our love and care for the society. This school also caters to the needs of the marginalized and undeprivileged children of the society and providing free education to the Orphans.

Dar Ul Uloom

Dar ul Uloom Learning System, operated by PCA in Jhugiyan Jodha, Lahore, serves as an elementary school dedicated to educating out-of-school children. Specifically designed to combat child labor. It aims to inspire these children to dream & turn those dreams into reality.

Jibraan Khalid Inclusive School

Jibraan Khalid Inclusive School is an institute where diversity thrives and children with special needs are supported and celebrated for their individuality. With 100+ kids enrolled, we take pride in nurturing young minds from various backgrounds, abilities, and cultures, fostering unity and respect.

Underprivileged Students getting quality education in our Charity Schools
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Our Schools not only provide quality education but many other facilities

Books Facilities
Daily Health Facilities
Monthly Discount on Food Items
Free Ration in Ramazan
Quilts in Winter
Qurbani Meat on Eid

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