Community Development

For over a decade, PCA has remained steadfast in its mission to uplift underserved communities, with a special focus on Samsani, Johar Town Lahore. Our multifaceted efforts span diverse initiatives designed to cater to fundamental needs. From offering subsidized rations for needy families, affordable healthcare for deserving patients, interest-free loans, and support for weddings of less privileged girls, we’re driving tangible change. Our commitment to community growth encompasses a wide spectrum of projects. During winter, our “Defeat the winter” campaign distributes quilts to those who face the cold without means. The “Esaar e Ramazan” initiative ensures Ration during the holy month, and our “Qurbani Project” shares the blessings of Eid-ul-Adha by distributing sacrificed animal meat to areas nationwide, on behalf of our generous donors. In areas where resources are scarce, we’ve constructed mosques, providing a place for prayer to build a legacy for coming generations. Our dedication extends to installation of hand pumps in South Punjab and Sindh, ensuring access to clean water for deserving individuals. At PCA, our unwavering commitment continues to drive positive transformation, fostering growth, dignity, and hope within the communities we serve.