PCA prioritizes education through two elementary schools, aiming to educate underprivileged students and orphans. University students receive support via SJ & LA scholarships, overcoming financial barriers for higher education. Aligned with “Taleem, Tarbiat, Khidmat,” these efforts drive meaningful change by offering quality education and opportunities.


PCA has dedicated itself to uplifting underserved communities. Our diverse efforts cater to fundamental needs, affordable food, and healthcare. With projects like “Defeat the winter,” “Esaar e Ramazan,” and the “Qurbani Project,” “Eesaar Water Project”, Construction of Mosque we bring tangible change. PCA’s unwavering commitment fosters growth, dignity, and hope, driving positive transformation for the communities we serve.


At Pakistan Citizen Alliance, we are committed to offering aid and relief during disasters and crises. Our strategic relief operations swiftly and effectively assist victims of various natural calamities. We have previously supported those impacted by events such as the Turkey earthquake, Israel-Gaza attacks, Pakistan floods, and more


Our Volunteer Development Program (VDP) is designed to train motivated young individuals for impactful societal contributions. This free-of-cost, 7-10 days training program equips students with essential social work skills and cultivates a philanthropic mindset. Through enhanced communication abilities, instruction in fundraising techniques, and the promotion of diverse leadership roles, VDP empowers students to effectively engage in giving back to their communities.