Donate Now

There are so many ways you can help out. Pick one that touches your heart.


Sponsored a Child

Let’s educate the underprivileged as they too are the future of the nation. Sponsor a child in Rs. 2000/per month

Sponsored an Orphan

‘The best house among the muslims is one where an orphan is well treated.’ Give a gift of education to an orphan.
Sponsor an Orphan in Rs.4000/per month

Water Hand Pump

Become a source of Sadqah Jariya for your loved ones. Install a hand pump in Rahimyar Khan in Rs.15000/-


Help a family in getting subsidized ration every month. Sponsor a Family in Rs. 1000/per month

Construction of Mosques

Help us build a sacred space for the generations to come and leave a legacy.
Donate to a small Mosque in Rs.5Lac/-

Donate a Large mosque in Rs.10Lac /-