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Rashan Project

Ramadan is a month of bliss and blessings which also conveys a message of patience & sacrifice (Eesar) for the Muslims. Our Prophet (PBUH) taught us to take care of our Muslim brothers & sisters who are not privileged like us.

To let such People, enjoy the festivity of the month of Ramadan, PCA launched a project EESAAR-E-RAMADAAN in 2011. Every year PCA provides food bags to the people in the Holy month of Ramadan

Under this project PCA identifies the needy and poor families and make the distribution of food bags in an orderly manner. This project mainly works under the collection of Zakat & Sadaqat from the generous & privileged people.

We hope that with your support we will continue spreading smiles not only in the month of Ramadan but also throughout the year through our social empowerment projects.